What exactly is Traditional Witchcraft?


Traditional Witchcraft
Basically it's a belief system quite similar every religion. It has become very secretive on the centuries after being widely persecuted in the centre Ages. Most Traditional witchcraft practiced today is of British origin.

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Like every religions or ways of life they have evolved over time and may trace it's roots back in terms of 40,000 years. The witchcraft practiced today would not be anywhere near the identical to it was back then but some from the core beliefs would remain.

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In the process of evolution many religions split and Trad witchcraft is no exception. There are many differences between covens which are near one another and very few actually practice in just exactly the same way. Both beliefs and rituals alter from coven to coven.

Trad witches do not really follow religious books or worship a god or goddess. Modern-day forms of witchcraft differ greatly in this regard. Traditional witches revere and respect nature first and foremost and so they do recognize the presence of spirits. Their ability originates from within but they may summon a spirit to enable them to with magic.

Many Traditional witches are fatalists and trust reincarnation. Their new year begins at Samhain, more commonly generally known as Halloween, which is the if the agricultural year ends. Seasons and moons are followed closely by Traditional witches.

A number of modern-day variations of Traditional witchcraft tend not to all practice magic. All Traditional witches do. Orlando involved is more traditional folk magic which is basically quite easy. No requirement for special ingredients or long winded spell casting and frequently practiced with the aid of just a candle for concentration. Traditional witchcraft attempts to keep things easy and down to earth.